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Low Profile


Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables

Capacities ranging from 250kg to 3000kg.

Low profile lift table has a low closed height of only 80mm, meaning that no pit is required. With a variety of designs and models, load capacity of between 250kg and 3000kg, we can offer a very large selection.

Double Scissor


Double Scissor Lift Tables

With a variety of designs and models, load capacity of between 200kg and 5 metric tons and a lift range from 1170mm to 5900mm, we offer a very large selection. The lift tables are available in different colours, with a range of different accessories or control units – all tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer.


Arm Lift



  • Armlifts unique patented function offers an ergonomic workplace with ample foot space, comfortable working position and unrivalled accessibility.
  • Loads are lifted with parallel arms that can also tilt the load in a single mechanism making the unit an economical alternative to conventional tables that require separate lift and tilt mechanisms.
  • Capacities available between 750 – 3000kg.
  • Suited for use with high pallets, oversized containers, stillages and baskets.

Single Scissors


Scissor Lift Tables: Lifting Tables, Hydraulic Lift Tables, Scissor Lift Platform, Lifting Platform.

Capacities ranging from 250kg to 10,000kg.

1000 – 3000kg Standard tables, Raising and lowering pallets, maintaining a safe level for palletising, or unloading, Dock Tables, loading dock tables, between floor levels, rubbish bins to street level, trolleys to dock height.

Electrohydraulic for normal use, push button raise and lower, air powered for flammable areas,

Compact tables from 250 – 750kg workstation lifts, adjustable height assembly benches, machine feeder tables.