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Edmo Lift are a Swedish Manufacturer of a large range of lift tables, scissor lifts and work positioners for Industrial Sectors.  They are one of Europe’s largest Manufacturers of Materials Handling Equipment.

Pronomic are a Swedish Manufacturer of lifting and handling equipment for a wide range of applications.  Pronomic Product and Solutions are designed tan built to suit the individual needs of the Customer.

Bishamon Industries are committed to providing quality innovative ergonomic products to enhance workers safety and productivity.

Bishamon Japan are Manufacturers of Quality Materials handling equipment.  Their range includes Pallet Trucks, Skid Lifters, Mini Stackers, Scissor Lift Tables – both fixed and mobile, Specialist Stainless Steel lifting equipment and much more.

Walsted Trucks was established in 2006.  Their primary business is the manufacture of electric powered trucs for Industrial Applications.  The Company specializes in the manufacture of stainless steel stackers which will be used in harsh corrosive wash down environments which applications include food, pharmaceutical, hospitals and many others.

Logitrans are a Danish Manufacturer of Quality Materials Handling Equipment with their range including Walkie stackers, High lift Pallet trucks, Tilters , Tippers, Rotators and Specialised Stainless Steel units for Harsh environments.

MAVERick Equipment has been in business for over 30 years. Working with some of the biggest Australian manufacturing businesses in Australia to provide them with the best solution for their commercial lifting equipment needs. Established for more than 30 years in the business, we’re Australia’s no. 1 specialist when it comes to handling and lifting equipment.

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