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Manual Easy Wrapper (Forklift loading)

These style of Wrappers are built locally with a motorised rotation turntable and a manually operated mast.  The operator guides the mast up and down to apply the film in the required pattern.


  • Easy to install
  • Galvanised base
  • Easy Wrapper use 240v power
  • Helps reduce film usage

Manual Lo-Wrapper (Hand Pallet Truck Forklift Loading)

Lo Wrappers feature a unique low 26mm turntable height which provides pallet truck access, allowing an operator to use either a forklift or a hand pallet truck to pace and remove pallets from the machine.

Lo Wrapper Manual uses a motorised rotating turntable with a mast film carriage that is operated manually.

MAVERick Manual Wrappers uses a counter-balanced carriage to assist the manual raising and lowing of the mast.


  • Film usage reduced by stretch force applied to the film
  • Ultra low height of 26mm
  • Easy to install


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