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Scissor Lift Tables

MAVERick are Australia’s Number 1 specialist in handling and lifting equipment and one of the countries largest suppliers of scissorlift tables.

With capacities ranging from 250k to 10,000 kg in our single scissor range we can customise the table to suit your requirements.

MAVERick Equipment stainless steel scissors are manufactured from high quality materials with excellent corrosion resistant properties depending on the application

The tables are suitable for use in food, pet food, pharmaceutical industries and abattoirs etc, where standards of hygiene are very important. Stainless steel tables are often used in wet environments as a consequence of manufacturing process or due to cleaning procedures. The tables are available in both 304 and 316 grade stainless steel with the option of 304 grade stainless steel hydraulic cylinders for high grade hygiene areas.


  • IP Rated electrics for Wash down Environments
  • Cylinders fitted with a hose burst valve to ensure immediate stop in
  • Stainless Steel rollers and pins
  • Safety trip bar minimizes risk of injury
  • Upper travel limit switch with easy adjustment of stroke.
  • Safety props for service and maintenance work.
  • Remote power packs
  • 24V control voltage units
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