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Pallet Inverters

The MAVERick Pallet Inverter is a free-standing unit which is perfect for many applications and load types e.g. boxes, bags, cans etc and can handle a wide range of sizes and weights. One of the main uses of the FS Inverter is to transfer goods from/to wood and plastic pallets for hygiene reasons and also to get damaged goods from the bottom of the stack. The inverter is loaded by forklift truck, has one moving table and is stocked in 3 standard sizes. However it can be built to suit specific needs. Options include steel bodywork or a zinc rust protective spray.

FS Inverter is a Free Standing pallet inverter.
The FS requires a 3 phase power supply.
Perfect for warehousing needs where hygienic pallet changes are required.
Ideally suited for switching pallets prior to distribution.

More on the FS Pallet Inverter

The letters FS are short for Free Standing pallet turner indicating that the only installation involved is an electrical connection, and that the machine itself is stable under its own weight.
The basic and still the most popular pallet turner model is fitted with lever controls on a short arm. One lever operates the clamp and the other turns the load over 180 degrees.
There are a number of control options including manual push button, fully automatic and remote control.
The FS is the work horse of the range with more sold each year than most other styles of pallet turner systems put together. The tables are raised above floor level so it must load by forklift truck. It is available in 3 sizes of jaw opening with special models available above the normal standard maximum of 2.20m.
The FS is simple to use, simple to maintain and above all has a very long lifespan. We have many machines in regular use 15 to 20 years after construction.
It will handle almost any type of palletized load and can exert a very high clamping pressure on slippery or unstable goods if need be.
BBJ Materials Handling maintain a permanent stock of FS inverter (pallet turner) models, available at very short notice.
The FS Inverter is ideal for boxed, bagged or canned goods, and is versatile enough to handle everything from yoghurt and biscuits to bottled wine or cement.
Use the FS to switch from wood to plastic pallets, to recover damaged product from the bottom of the stack or to add flexibility to your distribution pallet policy.
We can build the FS with a stainless steel turning body or with a hot zinc spray rust-protected finish

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