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Paldisc & Palring Turntables


  • The Paldisc is a unique turntable that provides rotation of Pallet loads up to 2 tonne and an ultra-low turntable height of only 24mm. This makes it ideal for use with hand pallet trucks.



  • Standard Paldisc includes a ramp that allows pallet truck loading
  • Square edge Paldisc does not have an ramp and is ideally placed
  • Paldisc on stand provides an elevated platform
  • Paldisc can be fitted with a motor to provide powered rotation
  • Can also be fitted to Scissor tables to allow rotation of Pallets



The Palring is an affordable and extremely easy to use turntable.  The Palring can be used by itself on the ground for easy rotation of loads or used in other applications including it being mounted to a scissor lift table to allow operators to rotate a pallet during the loading/unloading process.


  • Palring is tough and wont bind or tighten underload
  • It has internal handles for eash relocation
  • Available in 1100 and 900mm diameter
  • 2000kg capacity for the range
  • Can also be fitted to Scissor tables to allow rotation of pallets



Turntables on stands are ideal for situations where access may be difficult and the use of lift tables or Palift is limited.

The turntable on a stand provides both product rotation and elevation which alleviates manual handling effort and stress associated with handling these products.

Features and benefits:

  • The stand incorporates a rotation lock that is self-locking in the rest position with an easy release foot pedal
  • 2000kg capacity turntable
  • 300mm and 600mm high stands available
  • 900mm and 1100mm diameter turntables






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