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Palift is one of the best ways to save workers backs.  It automatically keeps the pallet or stillage load at the optimum working height when loading or unloading goods.  It has a dramatic impact on reducing the effort required to shift goods.

  • Productivity is increased.
  • Saves workers backs and injuries are reduced
  • Incredibly robust and can last more than 10-15 years of daily use without maintenance
  • Productivity gains of up to 40%
  • Built-in turntable allows simple load rotation and access to all sides
  • Standard adjustable feet to allow levelling on uneven surfaces
  • No power, air or maintenance required.
  • Durable and tough, Palift is galvanised and suitable for washdown
  • Lifetime spring warranty and 3 year frame warranty

Features include:

  • Rugged tubular steel frame for loads up to 2000kg
  • Heavy-duty springs calibrated to bring pallet to most convenient loading and unloading height
  • Proven linkage design maintains level under un even loading
  • Dampener provides smooth, gradual raising and lowing actin, without overshoot or spring bounce
  • Low-friction bearing supported turntable for near-side loading

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