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KGL Stackers

  • Various lifting heights
  • KGL stackers are available in different capacities:

– 200kg and 400kg with Forks
– 250kg and 450kg with Platform/Table

  • These units are quality stackers that MAVERick Equipment Import from Japan

Features and Benefits

  • Dual brake system engages the brake of both steering casters in any position with on motion.
  • Units can be supplied with forks or a platform depending on your application.
  • Adjustable foot pedal for operator comfort with the upper position providing more travel per stroke.
  • Quick lift of the platform/forks when there is no load on the unit.
  • Can be supplied with custom attachments or modified to suit your application, such as Roll Handling attachments (Prongs, Roller Jibs, V-Cradles).
  • Special ELECTRIC Screw Drive Cylinder version available on request. No hydraulics, suitable for clean environments. Quiet operation. Despite electric operated lifting and lowering, overall unit weight less than manual hydraulic version.
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